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Tune your own guitar or bass guitar with this online guitar tuner.
Suitable for a four, five, six, seven and twelve string guitar.

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How to tune:
  1. Click on the string that you want to tune.
  2. Turn the tuning on your guitar lower or higher to match the sound.
  3. Turn until your guitar sounds in ''harmony'' with the guitar tuner above.

The tuning of the six string guitar.

The normal tuning of the 6-string guitar is E A D G B E (from the bass strings to the higher strings, 6 -> 1)

 String Guitar.

A 12-string guitar, has this tuning: e E - A a - d D - G g - BB - E E. in this the lowercase letters are tuned an octave higher. So the low E, A, D and G string have an octave higher tuned string extra, the high B and E are simply double (same string, same tuning). Because of the high tension on the neck the twelve-string guitar is sometimes tuned down by a half note or even more.

Bass tuning.

The tuning; E A D G from low to high. A five-string bass has an extra string; low B. the six-string has an extra C string (high).